One of the best extra virgin olive oil in the world

Supremo AOVE

SUPREMO was born in 2013 as fruit of the labour of two entrepreneurs: Andrés García and Alberto Molinero. Two young men with a common aim: offering from Jaén, the olive oil worldwide capital, an oil able to burst into the emerging market of quality.

Dressed in purple, the colour of the city, Supremo gathers the experience of a big company with more than 50 years of history, the Cooperativa de San Juan of Jaen, with the rebelliousness and creativity of young people. A breaking project that has got more than 50 national and international awards in only three season, and has been able to mill olive varieties as Arbonasa or the native Cornezuelo de Jaén, bringing not only Supremo, but the cooperative itself forward to the global epicentre of Extra Virgin Olive Oil quality.

But Supremo is more than this: it is a bet for innovation, differentiation and creativity. The design of Juan Montoro "El Creata" introduces Supremo, an artist from Jaen who is all the rage on Internet. It is a brand which see in art a perfect complement to dress its bottles every year with pictures and illustrations of renowned painters from Jaen. In 2013, Supremo premiered from the hand of the prestigious artist Francisco Molinero Ayala, carrying on in 2014 with Manuel and Isabel Kayser, Francisco and Paco Carrillo and currently with the international artist Belin. A mix of aromas, painting and innovation for the #AOVEmadeinJaen.

Supremo 2019