One of the best extra virgin olive oil in the world

Jaén Pinta Supremo

V Art Prize

The fifth edition of the "Jaén Pinta Supremo" Art Contest is hereby convened, a contest open to everyone and to all of Spain and with no age limit in which you can show your talent and design the labels for the next Oil Supremo campaign.

You can download the bases by clicking HERE or on the side image.

There will be five finalists and one outright winner with a cash prize.


Supremo AOVE

Supremo was born in 2013 as a result of the efforts of two entrepreneurs: Andrés García and Alberto Molinero. Two young people with a common illusion: to offer from the world capital of oil, Jaén, an oil capable of breaking into the incipient quality market.

Dressed in purple, the color of the capital, Supremo unites the wisdom in the field of its creators with an enthusiastic and modern way of selling and defending the added value of this product. A groundbreaking project that in its history has won almost a hundred national and international awards and that has been able to grind varieties such as Arbosana or the autochthonous Cornezuelo of Jaén, placing, not only Supremo, but also the capital in the world epicenter of Extra Virgin quality.

But Supremo is something more: it is a commitment to innovation, differentiation and creativity. Presented under the design of Juan Montoro "El Creata", it is the oil that sees a perfect complement in art, dressing its bottles every year with paintings and illustrations by renowned Jaen painters. In 2013, Supremo opens with the prestigious artist Francisco Molinero Ayala to continue with Manuel and Isabel Kayser, Francisco and Paco Carrillo, Belin, Miguel Viribay or Andrés Barajas.

An ensemble of aromas, painting and innovation for the #EVOOmadeinJaén that merge in the fourth edition of their national "Jaén Pinta Supremo" competition for young artists. A variety, a color and a work every year. Does anyone give more?

Supremo 2022