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Supremo is the first gourmet olive oil from the worldwide capital par excellence,
mixing Art and AOVE in its labels.

Each season, Supremo labels have been designed by recognized painters of the province of Jaen in a defence of AOVE culture and its own, bringing the perfect combination.

Andrés Barajas

Andrés Barajas (Huelma, Jaén, 1941) Spanish painter and printmaker. Most of his work is dedicated to graphic work. This icon of Jaén and Spanish painting has a very particular vision of women and the world of the bull. More than twenty individual works, with countless awards such as the "Pintor Zabaleta" Prize from Linares (Jaén) or the First Prize for Painting at the National Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Madrid, as well as the National Prize for Drawing National Contests. A benchmark.

The work chosen to highlight the Cornezuelo is the "Venus de Cazorla" where under the gaze of the Castillo de la Yedra de Cazorla we see this woman with steatopygian canons painted in charcoal pencil and compound pencil, a marvel that carries strength and expression Andalusian to a label that has changed its entire physiognomy to receive the master Andrés Barajas.

Andrés Barajas

Andrés Barajas. "La Venus de Cazorla"

Adoración Cantero

This woman from Ubeta has always been fascinated by the beauty of simplicity and the complexity of the image. She graduated as a Superior Technician in Artistic Photography at the School of Art in Seville. Since then he has experimented with different graphic-plastic techniques such as drawing, collage or engraving, always starting from his own images or with the intention of reaching them. With his photography, he has been a finalist in the Keep Walking Project (Fotoactitud 2010), a work selected and exhibited at the XXXVI National Contemporary Art Contest “CIUDAD DE UTRERA” 2015, a work selected in the 2019 National Chalcography Contest and exhibited at the Casa de La Moneda in Madrid, and has recently completed his training with the Higher Degree in Engraving and Stamping at the "Casa de las Torres" Art School in Úbeda.

On this occasion, the photographic image wants to transfer us to the moment of veraison, the end of a process of a whole year of effort, when the harvest is over, we can find on the ground under the olive trees a scrap of the shawls that surrounds some leaves and olives dyed in ocher and the colors of the best oil in the world.

Distinguished with the 1st Prize, with the work "Envero", in the "IV SUPREME EVOO Plastic Arts Prize".

Adoración Cantero

Adoración Cantero. "Envero"

Esther Gámez

Vocational plastic artist from Jaén, she has moved in different artistic fields such as sculpture, painting, scenography, conceptual art ... experimentation and variety are a constant in her work, always seeking to surprise and establish a dialogue with the observer. .

He studied at the School of Arts and Crafts in Jaén and later graduated in Fine Arts from the Alonso Cano University in Granada. She has won numerous awards and mentions for her work, including the Emilio Ollero Painting Prize, Manuel Moral National Prize, Royal Economic Society Prize, Honorable Mention National Museum of Gdansk. Poland, honorable mention Rafael Zabaleta award.

His work has been exhibited in Valencia, Madrid, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Cádiz, Almería, Granada.

Distinguished with the 2nd Prize, with the work "Aceite y Pan", in the "IV SUPREME EVOO Plastic Arts Prize".

Esther Gámez

Esther Gámez. "Aceite y Pan"

Amalia Eme

Born in Jaén and living in Madrid, Amalia Eme, as she is known, has been a Textile and Plastic Artist and Art Director for more than 10 years. Graduated in Fine Arts, with three Masters in Research in Artistic Techniques, Graphic and Web Design and Motion Graphics. She has worked in various advertising agencies nationally and internationally creating the visual and graphic identity of recognized brands. With her works, Amalia Eme has exhibited in various galleries in Jaén, Granada and Madrid, has made murals for various venues in Madrid and designed illustrations for different magazines and publications.

Distinguished with the 2nd Prize, with the work "Identidad Supremo", in the "IV SUPREME EVOO Plastic Arts Prize".

Amalia Eme

Amalia Eme. "Identidad Supremo"

José Luis Guerrero Fernández

He was born in Bilbao (Vizcaya) in 1974. From a very young age, he combined his self-taught training in the plastic arts with his work. In 2014 he entered the Carrillo Art Academy (Jaén) to expand his knowledge and training to the present day.

Despite his youth, he already has some of his own exhibitions and more than a dozen awards and recognitions, which makes us aware of the projection of this great artist.

Distinguished with the 2nd Prize, with the work "Cobertizo Nazarí", in the "IV SUPREME EVOO Plastic Arts Prize".

José Luis Guerrero Fernández

José Luis Guerrero Fernández. "Cobertizo Nazarí"

Carmen Alejandra Cárdenas

Carmen Alejandra Cárdenas Pacheco was born in the capital Jaén only 18 years ago.

Although she has always been innately attracted to the world of the arts, her artistic training began three years ago with her admission to the Carrillo art academy, along with the higher degree in illustration that she is studying this year. For next year, the Fine Arts and Crafts career will begin in Granada.

Her artistic career has just begun as a winner in the VI Guijuelo Young Talents Contest and with a second prize in this Plastic Arts Contest. A promising future.

Distinguished with the 2nd Prize, with the work "Perpetuidad", in the "IV SUPREME EVOO Plastic Arts Prize".

Carmen Alejandra Cárdenas

Carmen Alejandra Cárdenas. "Perpetuidad"