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Supremo is the first gourmet olive oil from the worldwide capital par excellence,
mixing Art and AOVE in its labels.

Each season, Supremo labels have been designed by recognized painters of the province of Jaen in a defence of AOVE culture and its own, bringing the perfect combination.

Araceli Quirós

Born in Jaén 17 years ago, Araceli Quirós is currently (year 2017) studying second year at the José Nogué School of Art in Jaén, preparing to study Fine Arts at the Faculty of Granada.

It is the first time that it has won an award in an art contest.

His Watercolor captivated the jury and the audience in a work that represents at one glance that desire for water.

Distinguished with the 1st Prize, with her work "El anhelo de las aguas", in the "I SUPREME EVOO Plastic Arts Prize".

Araceli Quirós

Araceli Quirós. "El anhelo de las aguas"

Ana Isabel Latorre López Villalta

Born in Jaén. Attracted by the world of plastic arts and design, she specialized in Illustration and in Advertising Graphics. What has led him to work in numerous and varied projects as a freelance, in addition to appearing in different publications.

His passion for the world of fantasy brings us digital illustrations with a lot of personality, in which a great variety of artistic techniques that create a unique style are interspersed.

Distinguished with the 2nd Prize, with her work "En la Quinta, Cornezuelo", in the "I SUPREME EVOO Plastic Arts Prize".

Ana Isabel Latorre

Ana Isabel Latorre. "En la quinta, cornezuelo"

María José Tejero Marchal

Born in Monte Lope Álvarez (small city of Martos). Student of the EA José Nogué where he studied the Bachelor of Arts and there he fell in love with modeling what he did after the bachelor to do the CFGS Applied Arts to Sculpture and later the CFGS of Moldes and sculptural reproductions that I'm still studying at the same time that I do Fine Arts in the Faculty of Granada.

He has participated in temporary explosions such as "Visionadas" in the Archaeological Museum of Jaén, or in the Center for Lorquian Studies of Fuente Vaqueros, although that time it was with painting.

His Sculpture has been selected to print two of our varieties so that you can see the 360º of all his work.

Distinguished with the 2nd Prize, with her work "Sensibilidad Armónica", in the "I SUPREME EVOO Plastic Arts Prize".

María José Tejero

María José Tejero. "Sensibilidad Armónica"

Usama Bennouna López

He was born in 1985 and has completed his studies in Jaén through the José Nogué School to, in 2014, continue his training at UHM Miguel Hernández University in Elche.

Young and versatile is the work that we observe in his personal Blog.

The power of his work and the expression of the reliefs were the key point to be distinguished in our contest

Distinguished with the 2nd Prize, with her work "Estado de Madurez", in the "I SUPREME EVOO Plastic Arts Prize".

Usama Bennouna

Usama Bennouna. "Estado de Madurez"